Stop The World, I Want To Get Off


Ever feel like it’s all just all too much?

You don’t feel like you’re coping. Crap seems to keep happening, nothing goes right. Your head’s just not in the game. You know what I mean…the days when you wish you could just stay in bed, and it doesn’t matter what stage of life you’re in.

These are times when it’s all too much and you feel like having an ‘I Refuse To Get Up’ day. So…why don’t you take one?


It’s Not Lazy, It’s Self-Care & Essential For Your Health

In modern life, we’re so conditioned to believe that it’s lazy to have an off day. That we’re unmotivated if we don’t want to get up and get into what needs to be done and the guilt of not achieving enough can be overwhelming.



I think as women, we are particularly susceptible because we naturally think we should be able to multi-task, and just as well we’re able to or goodness knows, so much just wouldn’t get done!


Biological Rhythms (biorhythms) are the natural cycle of change in our body’s chemicals.


Even though we have days where our biorhythms are down causing a dip in our energy level, we can still get on with everything without falling in a heap. It’s like an internal clock located in our brain. It can get out of kilter sometimes. Mostly we just feel a little tired and less motivated than normal until it returns to normal.


BUT…there are days, for women and men when we just don’t cope with life.


No-one bats an eyelid if we’re physically unwell and need to see a doctor. But what society doesn’t really like to acknowledge is that at times we can be mentally unwell. Not psychotic unwell, not running down the street with the meat cleaver unwell…

(ok sometimes I feel that way!)…but just a ‘Stop the World, I Want to Get Off’ type of unwell.


Hormones Affect Us All And Not Always In A Good Way

Pink wooden blocks spelling Hormones with pink flower

So why is it, that some days we just don’t cope well mentally? Well, hormones play a huge part in our moods. The brain relies significantly on proper hormone balance in order to function correctly.

Our main hormones are Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone. These are all present in both women and men in differing proportions. But if any of these are too low for any reason, it can have a detrimental impact on you physically, mentally, and emotionally… manifesting as mood swings, among other things.

This is especially true in women during menopause. Plus it’s now known that men have a type of menopause. We may jokingly call it a mid-life crisis, but the medical term is Andropause and it’s directly related to decreases in testosterone levels that occur with age. However, unlike menopause in women, the effects are more gradual in men.

Read more on how these hormones affect women throughout our lives


And yes, there are other very relevant hormones besides these 3.


But, these ones mentioned work directly with our brain and are responsible for our mood and state of mind.

Usually, unless you have a serious hormone imbalance, the effects are minor and limited. But that doesn’t diminish the fact that some days you can feel like ‘crap’ and unable to cope with the world.


It’s not considered acceptable AT ALL to take a day off work for ‘bad mood’ days. But our state of mind is just as important as our physical health. Both mental and physical Self-Care need to be taken seriously. These have to function together otherwise one will impact on the other, and the day will probably be a total right-off anyway as far as achieving anything meaningful.


These are the times when it’s critical to take some time for yourself.


All too often we hear the term mental health in relation to depression, anxiety, and fear of failure and these are serious issues.

But I wonder how much could be offset but taking the time to stop worrying so much about societal expectations and making the decision to spend time on mental self-care when we need it. And if that means taking a day off every now and then, so be it!


Please don’t misunderstand me.


I’m not advocating for using any excuse not to go to work. Most people can’t risk any issues with job stability. This is really about when life has got on top of you and you’re feeling so mentally ‘wasted’ that you just need a day to recoup…no different than if you feel physically unable to work.


Don’t Let Stress & Anxiety Get The Better Of You

Overworked woman asleep with her head on laptop


Fundamentally we all realize that stress and anxiety are extremely unhealthy, and whilst a certain level of stress is necessary for survival, the amount we allow ourselves to endure in modern life is unsustainable. Sooner or later it can and does have an impact in some form or another.

We’re not robots, not yet anyway (although I’m sure that’s coming) We can’t always function at our best. Sometimes, we have to accept that we need some downtime.


You only have to look at the state of illness in USA.


The UK, Western Europe, and Australia aren’t far behind…all experiencing spiraling health care issues…and I’m not even including Covid-19 in this.

Now obviously there are many other factors involved in the state of these country’s healthcare crises, but overwork, refusal to recognize when our mental wellness is taking a beating, and the need for an occasional ‘I’m Staying In Bed Day’ is a good start.


Everything can’t always be about corporate wealth.


Somehow it appears that a focus on human health is getting lost in the world’s insatiable need for profits. Among so many other issues, this has resulted in the stigma that is still attached to having a Mental Health sickness day. This needs to change for the good of us all.


How To Make The Most Of Your ‘Mental’ Day Off

Make a nice breakfast and stay in bed until late morning…or all day if you feel you need it! Have a bubble bath, bake some choc chip cookies (and eat them all if you want to)…no guilt allowed.

Stay away from the newspaper, it’s all doom and gloom anyway so have a rest from it. Oh, and while you’re at it, maybe give Social Media a rest for a few hours…I dare you!


PLEASE don’t be tempted to spend this valuable time on any work-related project!


All too soon you’ll need to face the world again, but you will feel rejuvenated and more inclined to take ‘time out’ the next time it all gets on top of you because you’ll reap the benefits.


Here’s a list of 12 things you can do to get ‘off’ the World for a little while and help you feel mentally rejuvenated again.


  • Don’t get out of bed until you feel ready to, or not at all 
  • Make yourself a great breakfast and take it back to bed
  • Have a long hot shower or a bubble bath
  • Read something inspirational (not the newspaper or SM…please!
  • Do Yoga, Pilates, or just simple stretching exercises at home
  • Play with the dog, cat, bird, ferret..whatever pet you have
  • Binge-watch Netflix, but choose something uplifting, maybe an animated movie for fun
  • Bake some chocolate chip cookies just for you
  • Spend the day reading a good book in your pajamas or bathrobe
  • Do some journalling, be creative and honest (no-one sees it – if you keep it hidden)
  • Color some adult coloring books (these aren’t for kids) well, you could do the kiddy ones
  • Put your favorite music on and dance – naked if you feel like it…it’s very liberating.


So, Do You Feel Rejuvenated, back to normal, ready to take on the world again in all its complicated glory?

Maybe we can slowly change the perception towards mental wellness days being as important as physical ones.