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There are times in everyone’s life when our spirit needs some care. In this post I want to explore how Meditation & Music can heal your spirit. Practicing regularly will bring peace to your life, reducing stress and helping you find balance and harmony.


Why Our Spirit Can Become Damaged

Life is complicated and we can’t always avoid events that cause us pain and emotional suffering.

Any number of events can leave us devastated, without direction and lead to a re-evaluation of our life. These can include:

  • Death of a family member
  • Divorce/relationship breakup
  • Retrenchment from a job
  • Friendship breakup
  • Loss of a pet
  • Close friend moving away
  • Serious illness

The result can be anxiety and even depression that needs to be addressed so that it doesn’t take a long-term hold over us.

It’s important that we have some tools that help us re-discover our self-value, deal with stress, and quiet the mind. This is where meditation and music (related post) are so important as a way to help to heal your damaged spirit.


Regular Meditation For Healing Your Spirit

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and originated in Asia.

During the 18th century ancient Eastern texts regarding meditation were being translated and Western cultures started to take notice.

Quickly the practices developed a large following in Europe and beyond as the benefits of these spiritual practices became obvious.

Used in various religions it has been proven to help those that practice it heal their spirit, and also find a deeper version of themselves.

Although prayer and meditation are similar in some respects, they are different. Prayer includes sending out messages and energy into the world while meditation involves listening and taking in energy.

Spiritual Healing Concept - Using meditation.

Meditation requires us to find peace and quiet, be reflective and to clear our minds. Being contemplative allows you to relax, look inwards and find the truth of what is ailing your spirit.

This is the first step towards healing.


Why Meditation Is So Beneficial

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation can help with concentration, relaxation, inner peace, reducing stress and fighting fatigue.

The combination of these effects can further assist us in a psychological way by easing our anxiety and helping to combat depression, both of which impact spiritual health.

The calm induced by regular successful meditation helps us become more connected with ourselves and improve our self-awareness.

So, when we find ourselves spiritually stranded in life, looking for answers and reconnection with our core values, meditation can have a deep impact.

Quiet Your Mind

When we are wracked with concerns, we can easily find ourselves blowing small things into huge dramas, leading to a chaotic, unfocused state of mind.

'Quiet Your Mind' text on poster with pink lily flower

The practice of meditation requires us to seek a calm mindset. This is achieved with the use of a mantra.

Through the repetition of the mantra, we naturally start to distract our minds from the chaos.

Using a mantra when seated in a comfortable posture, together with calm level breathing, can give us a break from the chaos of our negative thoughts.

Reduce Your Stress

We all face stress on a daily basis, life is not easy. Some people can deal with life’s stressors better than others, but for most of us mortals who struggle, meditation will certainly help.

Have you ever felt extremely stressed and made the choice to just stop and breathe deeply? If so, you are probably aware of how calming and focusing this can be.

An important part of practicing meditation is cleansing breaths and a slow calm rate of breathing. The focus of repeating the mantra also helps to calm the mind, clearing it from stressful thoughts.

A short 20-minute meditation session can leave you feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.

Find Your Balance

The more you meditate, the better balance you can achieve in your life.

This time dedicated to self-reflection allows you to reach a level of understanding and awareness that helps you to be a better and more understanding person.

Meditation can help you reach a balance of self-awareness, self-respect, humility, confidence, peace and relaxation.

Mind Body Spirit stones

The more you meditate, the more in tune with yourself, your mind, body and spirit you will feel, and this enables you to control your emotions, calm anxiety and heal your spirit.

Value Yourself

In order to heal our spirit and live our authentic lives, we must get to know ourselves internally.

It is vital we understand our own values and desires. Meditation is one way that we can begin to achieve a new level of self-understanding.

Good self-awareness has a number of beneficial effects which include:

  • Improved compassion
  • Better decision making
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Improved optimism and positive attitude
  • Ability to remain cool and calm

These benefits to improved self-awareness are all easily attained by regular practice of meditation techniques.

The inner-self exploration that meditation allows, gives us a much deeper understanding of our values and motives, and this deep understanding helps to heal our spirit promoting a stable and happy mind.


The Power Of Meditation Can Heal Your Spirit

There are six simple steps to a successful basic meditative state.

1. Choose Your Mantra

This is a personal choice. It might be a traditional ancient meditation phrase, or it could be a short positive phrase in your own language.

The key is to find an easily repeated and positive phrase that you can repeat.

2. Get Comfortable

Meditation needs focus so if you feel physically uncomfortable it will not be effective.

So, find a quiet place to sit. This could be on the floor, a chair, outside in nature, any place where you can be seated in comfort.

3. Close your Eyes and Breathe

Closing your eyes removes visual distractions.

Begin with a few cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. After these initial breaths, breathe slowly and evenly.

4. Repeat the Mantra

Start to repeat your mantra to yourself without speaking it.

5. Do Not Clear Your Mind

Your mind may wander as you meditate but instead of trying not to think, just focus on reconnecting with the mantra repetition.

6. Stop The Mantra

After 20-30 minutes stop repeating the mantra and just sit quietly with your eyes still closed. Allow yourself to reflect and enjoy your calm state.


The Power Of Music Can Heal Your Spirit

Music is food for the soul…it’s also a form of meditation.

I’m sure you know how much a particular song can affect your mood. You probably seek out certain music to help calm, uplift, or energize you, often without even thinking about it.

Music can provide background sound for every single part of your life, but can it actually be beneficial to you?

Using music to heal your spirit is as simple as it sounds.

Only you know what music you need.

It is alright to feel sad and experience your feelings but remember to not get stuck in sadness. Once you have identified a song that will speak to your heart, listen to it.

The best way to get connected to a song is to not be worried about anything else.

Go somewhere to be alone with the music.

Talk a walk, go for a drive, or hide in your  bedroom…anywhere you can spend time listening without being interrupted.  Once you are alone as you can be, listen intently to the music.

It can be playing out in the open or through your headphones.

Music For Spiritual Healing - mature woman with headphones listening to music sitting on park bench

Make sure the music is loud enough to get the full effect but not loud enough to cause hearing damage or loss. Then clear your mind and listen.

Allow the music to move through you and play with your feelings. Soak in the lyrics and notes, feel every bit of the work as the creator intended.

When a song really touches your soul, it is normal to become tearful or feel raw and vulnerable. You have connected with this song on the deepest level.

While you can find these songs on purpose and listen to them at your designated time, sometimes these songs find you. Maybe on the radio, or a playlist, or a new song by your favorite artist.


Be Prepared To Have Your Heart Ripped Open

This can happen.

Though it can be embarrassing or unexpected, feeling this way because of music isn’t a bad thing.

Take time to work through your emotions.

Music can invoke very strong emotions and you may not be prepared for them. Immerse yourself and allow the time for the music to heal your spirit.

Music touches our spirit because it was created from someone else’s. Someone else sang those words, played those notes and they seem to know exactly how you feel.

When you find that song that touches your heart, allow it to enter you and heal you. To feel everything as big as you need to or as small as you need to.

You’ll find that once the song is done and the world starts spinning again, you are better for it.

This is the spiritual healing power of music meditation.



Our mental health can be a delicate thing and like all other aspects of life we have to take steps to look after it.

When we feel physically exhausted, we know to rest. Similarly, when we are feeling mentally and spiritually drained, we must find an effective way to rest our minds.

Meditation is not as difficult as you may think and the calm focus it brings, can help you heal your damaged spirit and improve your overall health.

I hope this post has been helpful to you.

I have started to use meditation and music later in life to relax and stay calm when circumstances get the better of me.

Just make sure you find a peaceful, quiet space where possible, away from distractions, noise (and people) so you can focus, reflect and enjoy.

You’ll be amazed at how relaxing and rejuvenating meditation is.

As always, let me know how you go in the comments, and if you like this post, please share on SM.


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