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Do You Dream of Being Your Own Boss and Ditching The 9-5 Treadmill?


Hey there, my midlife friend. Who doesn’t want freedom right?


This is a great topic and one that I think will surprise and excite you. AND, all you need is your expertise, a laptop, and a reliable internet connection…that’s it!


Have you ever thought about working for yourself? Set your own hours. No boss. Take a break whenever you want. Work from ANYWHERE…the garden, a cafe, next to the pool, on your bed, sat on the lounge room floor, OR an exotic place somewhere in the world? (when we can travel again that is)   Sure you have…haven’t we all at some time or another!


I would find it very hard to believe anyone who tells me they prefer to stick with the 9-5 grind forever if they’re given the opportunity to get out of it.


And, I know a Freedom Lifestyle is entirely possible because my husband and I are living proof, along with thousands of others around the world.


From Australia, we headed off to Hanoi in Vietnam, then Cambodia, Malaysia (Penang Island), and now we’re back in the southern highlands of Vietnam. Our next destination will alas be dictated by Covid…but we’ll see.


Plus, your age is irrelevant!  We regularly meet people from all different age groups, including many baby-boomers like us, AND even families traveling the world with their kids. No-one cares about your age when you work online…as long as you can deliver the work they need to be done.


Female freelancer sitting in cafe with laptop and coffee


Remote Work Vs Freelancing


Unexpectedly, one outcome of the Covid-19 outbreak is that the concept of working online from anywhere is much more widely accepted. However, working from home for your existing job is usually known as ‘remote work’ which isn’t the same as Freelancing.


Freelancing is where you are running your own business and (and the associated responsibilities that come with being a CEO – but you got that!) supplying your skills to people who need them on a contract-by-contract basis. And there are plenty of choices for how to achieve this fabulous Freedom Lifestyle.



How Quickly Things Can Change!


It’s not too long ago that freelancing wasn’t really considered a valid way to make a living. Now it makes so much more sense to be able to work from home during the pandemic, and then, from anywhere in the world when things finally get back to normal.


Over the coming weeks, I’ll show you different ways that you can gain the skills needed to set yourself up in a variety of freelancing careers. I’m certain something will resonate with you.   Even if you choose to ease into it by starting part-time like my husband and I did, keeping your day job…and then, when you have set yourself up (which I’ll show you how to do), and you feel ready, you can take the ‘freedom plunge’.


Maybe only one of you decides to earn a living this way, while your partner sticks with his/her regular job. Or maybe it’s just you now, and you want something more exciting for your life…something that can give you control for the future.   If you have lost your primary means of income due to the pandemic then this may be just the security you need as a safeguard against this mayhem happening again. 


I accept that freelancing may not suit everyone. But you’re here reading this, so I assume the concept is intriguing and appeals to you.   Once you get used to the freedom of a ‘work from anywhere’ lifestyle, I guarantee you’ll wish you had done it years ago! That’s a comment we hear all the time and from all age-groups.



Here Are 32 Ideas For Your New Online Career:


There are so many exciting ways to make a living online, and just because you may not have the skillsets now, shouldn’t stop you as it’s really easy to up-skill. There are a ton of courses, Youtube videos, tutorials, and blog posts dedicated to showing you how to move into your new chosen field.


  • Blogger
  • Travel Writer (for varied magazines-not just travel magazines)
  • Copywriter (includes B2B, B2C, Emails, Blog Posts, Newsletters, Sales Pages etc.)
  • Proofreader
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager (specialize in any or all of the platforms)
  • Dedicated Pinterest Manager (this is hugely popular (All bloggers use Pinterest)
  • Transcriptionist (regular and Court Documents)
  • Translator if you speak another language besides English
  • Online English Teacher (teaching English as a second language – very in demand)
  • Marketing Manager
  • Online Customer Service Assistant (including ‘Live Chat’…they’re not all bots)
  • Project Manager
  • Online Yoga teacher
  • Online Meditation teacher
  • Online Health Coach
  • Online Life Coach
  • Write & self-publish Children’s Books (huge demand)
  • Write E-Books (Can be on any subject, even one you don’t know much about)
  • Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Video Creation for Businesses
  • Photography for Businesses
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Graphic Designer
  • WordPress Maintenance and/or Assistance
  • Website Designer
  • Website Technical Support
  • Printables (fantastic for an Etsy store)
  • Etsy Store (brilliant if you are artistic with crafts, jewelry, etc)
  • E-Commerce Store (Shopify)


What do you think…does the scope of this list surprise you?


In fact, there are so many ways you can leverage the skills you have used in your working life and translate them into an online business. OR, make the decision to learn some new ones. Maybe something you have always wanted to do.



So, Let’s Talk About The First One – Blogging As A Business


Let me tell you what lead me to start this blog. For years, I read other people’s blogs. I loved hearing their stories about life, their growing blogging business, their travels, and I bought their courses about all sorts of helpful things.


But…although I toyed with the idea of having my own blog, I thought it was something only qualified writers could do. I never thought I would have anything interesting to say…this is crazy BTW.


Woman looking at computer worries about imposter Syndrome


We all have interesting stuff to say because we’re all different!


But I get it. It’s called ‘Imposter Syndrome’. We feel we can’t possibly know enough, or have enough experience to take on a new challenge in life. It feels easier just to stick with what we know. Besides, there are so many other people out there already doing it how could I possibly make myself heard?


DON’T let this stop you. We all worry about this. But the world is a huge place and there will always be room for another blogger. As long as you write interesting content about your chosen topic, you’ll find your readers.


My husband and I suffered from ‘Imposter Syndrome’ too.


But then in late 2017, several things happened that encouraged us to re-evaluate our lives. We made what seemed at the time, to be a huge decision to sell-up in Australia, and become ‘location independent’…AKA Digital Nomads!


Couple escaping to new life in sports car


It sounds a little crazy to some people, and I guess it’s not a choice for everyone. But for us, sticking with the 9-5 grind until retirement seemed even crazier!. We’d had a scare, and it made us realize that life is just too short to keep being stressed and hating what we did!


This Meant We Had To Embrace Working Online.


Truth is…this was a little daunting. We’re baby-boomers with years of working in the corporate sector. So whilst we are definitely comfortable with computers…beyond using laptops for work-related emails and reports, we had never had to rely solely on this one piece of technology and the internet to earn a living.


So, the big question…what to do to earn an online living?


After research, and because we both enjoy writing, the decision was made that we would learn how to be copywriters and proofreaders, which we both still do. However, I wanted to do more than just copywriting for someone else. I wanted to be creative and write about something I really enjoyed.


At first, I did the obvious thing and started a travel blog. But strangely, even though we love traveling, I didn’t have the passion for blogging about it. But then Covid happened and that really helped me decide that a travel blog wasn’t for me…’cos no more traveling right?



What I’m Passionate About Is Life For 50+ Women


4 middle-aged women over 50 laughing together


I am much more interested in my stage of life. Together with all the associated pros and cons that go along with it. Being 50+ myself makes me ideally qualified to write about the issues we face as women in our midlife years.   This includes menopause, female health issues, keeping fit, state of mind, the state of our relationships, and living with purpose so we can fulfill our dreams and aspirations.


So ‘Woman Be You’ was born.


Around the same time, and aligned with my passion, I decided to study to be a Certified Health Coach with IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) which I am in the middle of now, and can’t wait to finish. My specialty will of course be 50+ women’s health, both physical and mental wellness.


“What ‘Niche’ Or Topic Would I Choose”, You Say


Well, don’t panic. There are so many niches available to you.   It’s extremely satisfying to write about something you really enjoy. It’s cathartic…like keeping a diary but one you make public. And, don’t worry…it’s a great big world out there.


So, if you’re passionate about your choice of ‘niche’ then it’s guaranteed other people will be too.   There are so many topics you can blog about…crafts, hobbies, animals/pets, kids, grandkids, kid’s clothing, over 50’s fashion, cosmetics, music, gardening, knitting, quilting, bee-keeping, …the list is endless.


There is an audience for all sorts of topics!


To give you an example, there’s a homesteading blog that wrote a really successful post about what to do with Goats that get Bloat!. Now that’s an obscure topic!…BUT, so many people liked it that the post went ‘viral’…(obviously, more people keep goats than I could have imagined!)


White Goats in an Argan tree in Morocco


By the way, did you know goats can climb trees?… I didn’t. Take a look at this. I just had to share this with you. These goats are in an Argan tree in Morocco…how bizarre!


You Can Blog As A Hobby Or A Full-On Business.


You can either blog as a hobby, just to communicate with your ideal audience. Hobby blogging has a different purpose. It can be done pretty cheaply and bring you enormous satisfaction, but you won’t make a living from it. Even so, it can still generate a great following.


Which begs the question…why wouldn’t you want to make money from it? Your audience will be looking for you to help and educate them on your topic.


Run It as A Business And Take It At Your Own Pace


Or like me, you can do it with a plan in place to build it into a full-time business. And, there are many people making plenty of money from their blogs.   But, let’s be honest ‘cos I REALLY hate it when people write about their ‘overnight’ successes quoting huge incomes within a handful of months…ummm, not gonna happen!


Full Disclosure: A Blogging Business Takes Time – Be Patient and enjoy the process.


Making a decent income from a blog you’re running as a business will take time. Please don’t fall into the trap of believing some things you read about huge success in a short space of time.


It has happened…but it’s very rare!


A blogging business takes time and patience (sometimes 6 months or more before you really start to see a decent return), but have some fun with it. Enjoy the process and embrace the learning curve.


The best advice any blogger will give you is NOT to give up. 


Many bloggers get to the 6-month mark, think they should be making a 6 figure income by then, and give up….just at the point where it can start to really take off.


Although it doesn’t have to be expensive to start and run a blog, there are some expenses involved. But, if you compare the costs to the start-up of any other business then these costs are minuscule. A relatively small investment at the start will pay dividends later.

So, are you excited to get started?. Don’t be daunted…and no Imposter Syndrome. I’ll break this blog training into several posts so you won’t feel overwhelmed. If you get stuck just email me.


In the next post, I’ll show you exactly how to start your own blogging business and how to set it up correctly. See you then.


Let me know in the comments if you like the idea of starting your own blog. I’d love to hear from you.