The Way Forward

But there had to be a way to work through it. To regain control over my health and state of mind, rediscover my zest for life…to finally get my Mojo back!

So, after some research and soul-searching, I’ve come to realize that just paying attention to our physical health but not mindset isn’t enough. We need both as they’re interconnected.

In fact, they’re so interconnected that your state of mind eg: stress, can cause physical health issues. But deep down you know this…right?

Likewise, ignoring our dreams and aspirations can leave a hole inside that will always need filling. Failing to deal with this can lead to feelings of loss, hopelessness and regret.

So, we need to work on the whole Mind, Body, and Spirit to really get our Mojo back.

Maybe it sounds a little Woo-Woo…but really it’s much more down-to-earth and critical for our overall wellbeing and happiness…even if it does involve a Dream-Catcher (just kidding!)

So, this is now my Mission.

To help all of us midlife ladies take care of our physical and mental health, banish insecurities, find our purpose again, and fulfill those dreams we put on the back burner.

Forget the word ‘crisis’…no midlife crisis here!

Just the start of the rest of our lives…maybe even the best part.

So let’s do this…together!

Hi, I'm Amanda

Hello lovely lady. Welcome to our midlife journey. I’m so pleased you’re here.

Just a few quick notes about me. I’m married, a Gelato addict, cat lover (well, all animals really), and my husband and I are currently living in the highlands of Vietnam. 

I left my home in Australia 3 years ago to pursue a life of travel, writing and working online.

It was never in my plans to wait for retirement before realizing my dream to work for myself from wherever I please. It’s a freedom I craved…and I’ve achieved it!

BUT…I had to change my mindset.

I had to overcome fear and insecurity so I could make such a big change in my life a reality.

The term ‘Midlife’ varies for all of us, in my case I considered it to be after turning 50. I realized that my outlook on life had shifted and not necessarily in a good way.

I found myself re-evaluating everything. My health, my career, my marriage, my unfulfilled dreams, AND why my boobs had gone South for the summer…(so annoying!)

I was left with the feeling that I had somehow lost control of my life and that was terrifying!

No-one really prepares you for this, do they? And as if menopause isn’t enough to deal with, I mean…come on!