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There are so many changes we are confronted with on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with them, and even harder to stay positive. In this post let’s talk about the 12 Super Powers For Positivity And Change, and why embracing them will enrich your life.


Our World Is Dynamic and Constantly Changing

Everything in life is constantly changing. The world is so dynamic now. Change is inevitable to our way of life. From economics, to how we earn a living, and even how we interact and communicate.

So why do we as humans fear change, and struggle to accept it? There are Magic Powers For Positivity and Change if only we would embrace them.

Change is everywhere. Seasons change. Policies change. Feelings change. People change. Nothing hardly ever stays the same, no matter how badly we wish it would.

But here’s the weird part…

We are constantly adapting to change in different areas of our lives all the time…quite often on a daily basis even though we may not notice that we do it.

Unpredictable weather, traffic conditions, friends moving away, transportation strikes, sick pets and other regular challenges thrown at us by life.

Often, they are small things that don’t impact us greatly. Other times they are major changes that we have no control over.

Take the pandemic for example. No control and terrifying. But, we’ve had to adapt…that’s change.

The world’s weather is changing, often causing chaos and there is little we can do other than accept it and get used to adjusting for the aftermath.

Power Of Positive Change concept - woman shocked at TV news

We are becoming aware of the ‘new normal’.

Plus, we’d better be prepared for more as Climate Change seems inevitable. What a totally daunting prospect!

But, for the most part, we cope. We can be angry, upset, frustrated, sad or all of these emotions…but we will cope.

My point is that we are perfectly capable of dealing with change

So, why do we find it super hard to make changes that will ultimately make our lives better.

Changes that could help to fulfill our dreams and aspirations, or maybe leave an untenable situation behind us and move on to greener pastures.

When life doesn’t conform to the standard we have come to expect, we only have one of two choices…either resist or embrace the change.

And believe me when I tell you, there are huge rewards to be reaped when we choose to embrace.


Overcome Your Fear And Embrace Positive Change

Reluctance for change is built into our DNA. It’s natural and understandable. We’re much more comfortable with what we know. As humans, we strive to have routines and prefer to know what’s around the corner.

Even when we are unhappy with certain things, we would sooner ‘suck it up’ than do what may be required to get ourselves out of the situation.

That fear of the unknown makes us take a back seat and this keeps us stuck in jobs we dislike, or in unhealthy relationships, or in situations that aren’t benefiting us.

The worry that altering the status quo may create a situation worse than the one we are already in, can leave us frozen and unwilling to take a risk.

There’s no doubt that change can demand a lot from us…sometimes more than we feel willing to give.

Embracing Fear Of Change concept - Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway Vector

Change disrupts our sense of balance in life, emotionally, physically and spiritually. BUT, that’s a good thing! It opens us up to new opportunities and exciting adventures.

The World Is Your Oyster…(strange saying, Shakespearian I think…but it makes my point)


There Is Power In Positive Change

There is absolutely NO power in stagnation or mindless acceptance.

Here’s a question for you…answer from deep within your soul…

If you only have one earthly life to live, and you are at least halfway through it, can you justify staying in this state of flux or worse still, stagnating and refusing all thought of bettering your life?

You may, and sadly many people do…but at what cost?

Hopefully your answer is a resounding NO!

When life isn’t playing out the way you have imagined, what is to be gained by sitting idly by, waiting for more of the same?

The way I see it, (and I speak from experience – related post), you have one of two choices – either resist change or embrace it!


Change Is An Inevitable Part Of Life.

So, imagine what you could achieve if you grab it with both hands and run with it! What amazing things could you achieve?

I’m sure you’ve heard this famous quote at some point in your life:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference” – Rienhold Niebuhr

There will always be some difficult times.

Very few things that are worth anything will come easily. Would you expect them to, and would it be as satisfying when you achieve them?

Your emotions will certainly be challenged. You may try a new career, embark on a new relationship, or decide to live your life completely differently than in the past.

Things may go wrong. Chances are some things will. Who among us truly believes that everything in life should be a ‘walk in the park’…not realistic!

But, you have control over your mindset. You can decide to take control over how you deal with setbacks, rather than let them define your life. Make the choice to live with Intention and Purpose (related post)

Embracing Change Concept -Single Goldfish jumping to a larger bowl

You, my courageous friend can choose to be different from so many others by deciding not to be afraid. Instead, take that leap and reap the benefits from the opportunities presented in life.

You can choose to be positive and leave negativity for the non-achievers who will continue to drift through life with no plans or intentions.


The Power of Positivity and Change

As humans, we are blessed with something we often take for granted. An extremely powerful brain that isn’t predominantly devoted towards survival like our animal friends.

We are able to rationalize complex issues. We can choose to think differently. To be positive and ditch the negative.

We have control over our mindset. We can decide to take control over how we deal with setbacks, rather than let them define our life.

We can choose to learn from your mistakes rather than only see them as setbacks or obstacles. This is growth, and acceptance of change is a vehicle for improvement and not stagnation.


Change Your Mindset and Unlock Your Destiny

A perfect example is to develop a different attitude or mindset. Choosing a positive mindset can drastically improve their life.

Your mindset determines how far you go in life.

If you are always thinking “I can’t do this”, “I’m not talented enough” or “this is impossible,” then reaching your goals will be impossible.

Accepting Change concept -Red World Change Map on Keyboard Button

You won’t find the strength or motivation to chase your dreams and bring your vision to life by thinking negatively that “it’s all too hard”.

Change your mindset to change your life.

Eliminate negative thoughts from your mind and think positively (related post) about every situation.

Use positive words and affirmations to remain hopeful and optimistic and cultivate a “There’s always a way out” mentality when obstacles come.

Once you shift your mindset and change your perspective, you will easily find solutions to problems, see a light at the end of the tunnel, and stay motivated to chase your dreams.

We can all change our mindset towards just about anything.

We can choose to be intentional and purposeful. We can embrace change as a vehicle for all kinds of achievements, whether they are helping you find the courage to change careers, leave a bad relationship, start your own business,

…or fight the American Justice System.


Madam Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As one of only nine female law students in a class of over five hundred men. She was a woman, a mother, and a Jew, who was fighting discriminative laws.

Later on, Madam Ruth became the second woman in America’s highest court – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US.

Change Concept - Scales Of Justice photo of Judges gavel on desk

Irrelevant of what side of politics you’re on, you can’t help admiring her tenacity and strength. Her decision to advocate for gender equality change, women’s rights, and civil rights, was intentional, courageous, and bold.

Madam Ruth chose a positive mindset that she wouldn’t be daunted by the glass ceiling and the criticisms she received from male (and some female) colleagues along her journey.

Sadly, Madam Ginsburg is no longer with us but her legacy lives on.

She overcame all her fears and without such women as Madam Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we could have been living in a man’s world. Some would argue that we still are. But we have more choices now than ever thanks to women like Ruth Ginsberg.

She was fearless! What a truly amazing woman!


Benefits Of Positive Change

  • Change Helps You Grow, Be Adaptable and FlexibleWhen we open our minds up to change, we open ourselves up to flexibility and stimulation. Anything becomes possible.


  • Change Gets Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone Ditch the safety net. Decide that there are so many other experiences to be had. Get rid of fear and embrace what the world has to offer. Break out of your self-limiting boundaries.


  • Change Brings New Opportunities Adventures, fortunes and opportunities rarely fall into the lap of people who cling to their stagnant routines. To reach your full potential, you need to challenge yourself.


  • Change Helps Boost Your Self-Esteem When we are crippled with fear and shyness, we tend to have low self-esteem, remaining in a corner rather than standing in the light. Embracing change boosts our courage, making us feel we can take on the world. Learn to say ‘Yes’ to new experiences.


  • Change Can Spice Up Your LifeA monotonous routine sucks the life out of you. It may feel comfortable but you’re letting your precious life pass you by. Think of all the things you want to achieve and decide not to waste a minute longer on a boring uninspiring life.


  • Change Your Self-Imposed Borders Moving beyond your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. This will bring a huge sense of fulfillment, allowing you to live your life to the fullest. No regrets for you!


12 Super Powers for Positive Change

We all reach a point in life when we know we can be better, do more, and achieve more. However, not everyone manages to take the first steps

If you are one of those people and want to start working towards your goals, overcome obstacles, fulfill your aims, and change your life for the better, take the following steps:


1. Find Your Purpose

One thing that stops people from trying after failure is that they haven’t found something meaningful to live for, because once you find your purpose, nothing can stand in your way.

So, discover your purpose and live a purposeful life. Wake up each day with a plan to move forward and get one step closer to your goal.

Ask yourself this “What am I living for?” “What do I want to accomplish in life?” and “What is my purpose?”

Once you discover your own true calling, create a plan to ensure you fulfill it and take the necessary steps each day to get closer to becoming who you are meant to be.

Finding your purpose gives you meaning and keeps you motivated to keep moving forward when you feel you can’t go on.

To set the process in progress, you have to be sure about what exactly you want to change in your life.

You need to have a certain objective in mind, and fully understand the real reason why you want to change that aspect of your life.

Whether it is your relationship life, your personal life, or your professional life, you should pinpoint exactly where the change is to be implemented and why.


2. Set Goals

Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Divide your main aim into smaller achievable goals. Ensure each step you take takes you a step closer to your ultimate aim.

Align your short-term goals to your vision. Setting goals helps to clearly define what you want to achieve. In your m ind, having goals can give you a strong sense of being in control.

We all set small goals…they are part of everyday life. What to eat, when to eat, when to pay an invoice etc. But there are also Life-Changing goals and these are the ones I want you to focus on here.

Work on what you want to achieve daily. Avoid time-wasting activities and make time for things that have a positive impact on your goal. Eliminate distractions and never set aside what needs to be done today for ‘when the time is right.’


3. The Power of Habits

Don’t underestimate the power of habits. These have been formed over many years.

They involve what time you sleep, how much you sleep, how much you eat, what you eat, your morning routine, what you watch on TV, how much time you spend on social media each day.

Habits lock you into a way of living that isn’t necessarily productive. They become comfortable and make you ‘stuck’ in self-destructive patterns that prevent growth. But you can choose to change this.

How To Change Your Habits

Start small. Work your way to larger change. By starting small you will keep your enthusiasm and limit the chances of disappointment.

Making BIG plans that aren’t easily attainable in the short term can knock your self-esteem and that’s not productive.

For example:

You decide you want to start running. But it’s probably too much to just start running when you haven’t done it before. You’ll soon get exhausted and think it’s all too hard.

Instead, begin by walking briskly.

Then, as you get used to that, pick up the pace and start trotting. You’ll build up your stamina and confidence and before long you will achieve your goal.

This the same principle for changing any habit. Start small and achievable. Work up and enjoy each step towards your plan.

Don’t Have Vague Habits

Be specific about what new habits you want to form. Give some serious thought to what you want to achieve and what you need to change so you can reach that goal.

You may not need to make totally drastic changes…just a few new habits may get you there. That way, you won’t overload yourself with feelings that it’s all too big to achieve.

Decide on habits that will bring short-term success, giving your mindset a positive boost. Don’t set your bar too high.


4. Create A Routine

Have a routine and let it guide you. Create a to-do list and wake up each day knowing what you want to accomplish. Assign specific timeframes to tasks. Focus on one task at a time to ensure you get the job done.

Creating routines and having a daily schedule keeps you accountable and enables you to work effectively. It is also the best way to ensure you tick things off your list and stay motivated.


5. Prioritize Your Physical Health

Your physical health is an important aspect of overall success so prioritize it to enhance your productivity, meet your goals, and live a happier life.

Create an exercise routine and stick to it. Join a local gym or exercise from home. When it feels hard remember, there’s no point to a new exciting stage of life if you don’t have your health.

Cultivate healthy eating habits. For example, add more greens and fruits to your diet and stay away from energy-draining foods to ensure you remain active throughout the day


6. Change Your Perception of Life

Be introspective. Spend time assessing your life and pin-point certain areas that you really want to change. It could be as simple as looking at the way you react under negative circumstances Maybe you’re tired of feeling negative.

Or maybe you want to make changes to your daily habits. Eg, start getting up earlier, having a healthy breakfast, using the dog as an excuse to make you take that early walk each morning.

Always look around you and ask what changes you can bring to transform your life for the better. Introspection will offer you an honest view of who you are and what you stand for, and it can help you introduce positive changes to your life.

When you stop viewing change as an enemy, the sky’s the limit.

You can change any situation. Even the changes that seem to turn your world a little upside down still teach you some valuable life lessons. They bring growth and allow you to discover your potential, your purpose and passion in life.

Cultivating an understanding that by looking positively at difficult situations as opportunities for growth, you can make changes that will drastically improve your life and future prospects.

Positive change may include choosing to follow a certain diet or exercising regularly in order to be healthier. It could be leaving your stressful job to pursue something you are more passionate about.

Maybe deciding to move to a new location to put distance between you and a toxic environment or relationship. These are positive changes helping you make a fresh start, or finally making your long-held dreams come true.


7. Be Patient With Yourself

Sometimes, making positive changes yield instant results. But, like changing and habit, it takes a little time for it to become a ‘part’ of you.

It’s a process like any other.

If you are consistent in the actions that bring the change you want to see, you will reap the rewards in time. You just need to be patient.

There is power in changing your life. It can transform your very existence and result in a more positive, happier, and healthier version of you.

Not to mention, positivity is contagious. You will realize that you are attracting more positive people to you. Negative nay-sayers aren’t comfortable around positive people…can’t imagine why! (lol)

They want you to buy into their pessimistic view of life and you no longer fit the mold. How refreshing!

8. Never Stop Learning

Never stop growing in knowledge. Do not be lazy and content with the little things you know. Devour books, learn new skills, and be versatile. Enjoy the process of learning.

The world is in flux, don’t be left behind. New and amazing things are happening. Just be in the moment and let curiosity lead you down many enchanted pathways.


9. Motivate Yourself With Rewards

One of the best ways to stay focused on a goal is to track your progress. Have a reward system in place for each stage of your journey. Then motivate yourself to strive for the next stage.

Embrace the power of getting rid of an old habit and replacing it with a new one.

Monitor your progress to identify what works and what doesn’t. Consider your weekly goals. Did you accomplish what you had planned? If not, why?

Identify the cause and eliminate it. If you failed because you had too much on your hands, look for ways to manage your time wisely and work effectively.

If you failed because of distractions identify and eliminate them.

Tracking your progress helps you to see areas that need change and make the necessary adjustments. It aids you in identifying where you went wrong and ensures you avoid repeating the same mistakes.

So, prioritize tracking.

Turning your life around and living the life you desire takes time. It requires patience, dedication, and discipline. So, use these exercises to stay on track, constantly work on your goals, and change your life for the better.


10. Take Small Steps

Many people cower when they think of change.

This is because they want to start with one huge sweep, totally wiping down the board and making huge leaps overnight. That is hardly sustainable as it can be mentally and physically draining.

Don’t underestimate the small steps you take. What you should be afraid of is being stuck in one place, afraid of change. Take small steps, celebrate the small victory.

Break down your goals into small attainable objectives, tiny things you can do every day. It might be small things like waking up thirty minutes earlier, having a few minutes of exercise, or getting rid of junk food.

These small things all slowly assemble to form that big picture.

11. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is very common. But work hard not to fall into the trap. Also, realistically perfectionism is a form of procrastination. Waiting to make sure everything is perfect stops you from moving on. Try to identify if this is you and avoid it.

If we’re always waiting for “that right time” to do or complete something, we will find ourselves with a pile of incomplete tasks that become overwhelming with their urgency, and this leads to stress. Not ideal or productive!

If you are in this group, you need to de-clutter your life. Take on those unfinished projects and tackle them. It’s mentally unhealthy to have a long list of incomplete things, and very rewarding to get them done!

Learn to finish what you started. Remember the saying:

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” – Benjamin Franklin

12. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Change is something internal and very personal. Your core values and motivations are not the same as anyone else’s. Leave your mark by living your life the way you want to.

Don’t compare yourself with others or you may become overly preoccupied with what they do. Walk down your road, have personal goals, and always be yourself.

Remember: they’re your dreams, it’s your life, live it for YOU.


Though it might seem a little daunting at first, it’s easier than you think to implement positive change in your life.

Kick-start your day with a morning routine, some exercises, or walking the dog and a healthy breakfast.

Stick to your own plans.

Set up a dream board. Banish your fears and negative thoughts. Be grateful and always curious about life and opportunities.

My grandmother had an inspiring saying that took on more meaning as I got older:

“I’m grateful for each day I wake up, because there will be some people who won’t wake up today.”

Food for positive thought I think…especially these days!

I hope you found this post helpful. It’s certainly a mindset I’ve adopted after some years of negativity and it’s led to me make some significantly exciting changes in my life. I hope it does the same for you.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.


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